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October 16-20

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Language Arts:

Reading –  Superkids story “Yuck Yuck”

 Writing – Students work on an informational piece about Spiders.

Phonics – adding  -ing and -ed endings

Spelling- Review Words: she, the, her, his, where,  when, what,  how, have, your- Test on Thursday


Math:      Chapter 7  Subtraction to 12  – Subtraction Strategies


Bible:     Trust Removes Fear – Esau,  Jacob and Joseph

Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.

Science/Social Studies



Picture Day is Coming!

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picture day

Picture Day is Thursday, October 12!

Students should wear their School Uniform.  These pictures will be in the yearbook.

No money is due at the time of pictures.  A preview packet will be sent home first.


Week of October 9-13

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Language Arts:

Reading – Ask your child about the Superkid Adventures we have read so far!

SuperKids – “The Monster Under the Bus”

 Writing –  Students work on their seasonal writing about Fall/Changing Leaves.

Phonics – adding  – ing and -ed endings

Spelling- there, from, be, to, we, or,

helping, helped, asking, asked, hugging, hugged, shopping, shopped



Math:   Addition and Subtraction facts to 12

Don’t forget…practicing math facts at home is a great way to review with your child what they have learned at school.

Jacob Deceives His Father

Isaiah 26:4 “Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself, is the Rock eternal.”

Principle: Christians can trust the Lord for strength forever.

Science/Social Studies

Columbus Day

Fall Leaves


Homecoming is next week!

October 2-6, 2017



Dress Up: BACK to the Future (past, decades, childhood)

Snack: Animal Crackers


Dress Up: Back to the FUTURE (future occupation, old age, etc)

Snack: Ice Cream Truck


Dress Up: Circus Day (animal prints, bright colors, clowns (NO face paint)

Snack: Popcorn


Dress Up: Squad Day (1st Grade will wear STRIPES!)

Snack: Kona Ice


Dress Up: Spirit Day

Snack: Spirit Cupcakes

September 5-8

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Language Arts:

Super Kids: *What Can you Get with a Nickel and * What a Pet! ( review of living and non-living)

Writing – Review letter formation/sentence writing – (questions) Writing riddles

Phonics – digraphs /th/ and /wh/

SpellingMemory Words: where, what, why, when, which, who

Pattern Words: bath, math, path, moth, cloth, thin, think, thick, then, them

(Test will be next Thursday September 14th)


Math:   Ways to think about Subtraction

Lessons 4.1 to 4.5


Bible Abram Follows God

Matthew 28:20b And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Principle: Jesus is with Christians now and always will be.

Science/Social Studies

Exploring Magnets

August Memories

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Check out our Slideshow of August Pictures!  We have enjoyed a Solar Eclipse, Teddy Bear Day, Pancakes, and meeting our class SR Football Players and Cheerleaders!  Such a fun month! 🙂


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Attention Strong Rock Parents:

Wednesday “Lunch and Learn Parenting Classes” are just around the corner!


Parenting the Love and Logic Way


October 4th:           What the Bible Says About Parenting:  Setting the Groundwork &

Love and Logic Curriculum:  Putting an End to Arguing, Talking Back,                                                                                          and Begging

October 11th:            Love and Logic Curriculum:  Teaching Responsibility without Losing                                                                                              Their Love

October 18th:          Love and Logic Curriculum:  Setting Limits Without Waging War

October 25th:        Love and Logic Curriculum:  Avoiding Power Struggles

November 1st:          Love and Logic Curriculum:  Guiding Kids to Own and Solve Their                                                                                                  Problems

November 8th:         Love and Logic Curriculum:  Teaching Kids to Complete Chores,                                                                                                    Without Reminders, Without Pay

Classes will meet from 12:30-1:45 ~~Location of classes: TBA

A $10.00 workbook is highly recommended.  Please reserve your book by Thursday, September 14th by calling or emailing Stacey Barnes, Counselor, at 678-833-1200 or

Please make $10.00 checks payable to Strong Rock Christian School

Feel free to bring a lunch and eat during the meetings.